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Workplace Compliance Audit

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Are you confused about the recent changes to workplace relations laws in Australia and how they affect your business?

Are you concerned that your current workplace relations practices may expose your business to claims such as underpayment of wages, breach of award conditions and unfair dismissal?

The constantly evolving workplace relations laws, from the introduction of WorkChoices in 2006 to the introduction of the Fair Work Act in 2009, are complex. Many employers are simply sticking their head in the sand rather than taking a proactive approach by ensuring a complete understanding of the laws and implementing appropriate workplace relations practices.

Our workplace relations lawyers will identify areas of exposure to claims by conducting a comprehensive workplace audit of your business. The audit will cover aspects such as:

  • how your workers’ terms and conditions of employment are currently derived
  • which industrial instruments, such as awards (including modern awards which were introduced on 1 January 2010), registered agreements, etc, apply to your business
  • whether you are meeting current minimum terms and conditions of employment for all of your workers (including those set by the National Employment Standards that were introduced on 1 January 2010)
  • whether contractors engaged by you are truly contractors and whether their terms and conditions of employment are covered by an appropriate agreement
  • whether your senior employees are covered by an appropriate agreement
  • whether your business, and its confidential information, are sufficiently protected

All businesses should be conducting a workplace relations audit. Our team of dedicated workplace lawyers will identify any areas of exposure and potential risk to your business and provide a comprehensive report of its findings.

Audits are conducted on a fixed fee basis determined by the size of your business.


Click here to register your expression of interest for a workplace audit. You will be contacted by one of our workplace lawyers on a confidential no-obligation basis to discuss how we can assist your business by conducting the audit.