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WA minimum wage increase of 2.3%

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By James Cox, Lawyer, MST Lawyers

The Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (‘WAIRC’), on 14 June 2017, increased the state’s minimum wage by 2.3%. This represents a $16 increase to the minimum weekly wage, which will be $708.90 from 1 July 2017.

This increase is a full 1% lower than the National Minimum Wage increase announced by the Fair Work Commission on 6 June 2017.

In making its decision, the WAIRC stated that “the Western Australian economy is performing poorly in comparison to its relatively recent performance and by comparison with other states and territories and nationally”.

The 2.3% increase will apply to entities in Western Australia who are not Constitutional Corporations, and not subject to the Modern Awards or National Minimum Wage Order.

Non-constitutional Corporations in Western Australia include sole traders, unincorporated partnerships, and unincorporated trust arrangements.

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