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Upcoming Franchising Events in Washington, DC

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Each year the International Franchise Association conducts a Legal Symposium with a particular emphasis on how legal and regulatory issues affect the everyday business operations of franchise systems.  This is followed by a joint conference conducted by the International Bar Association and the International Franchise Association, this year titled, “International Franchising (In A Changing World)”.

This combined event enables lawyers in the franchising space globally to share and learn about the latest developments in international franchising law as well as strengthen international relationships.

MST Lawyers’, Philip Colman and Louise Wolf will be attending both the Legal Symposium and the IFA /IBA  Joint Conference in Washington, DC.  Due to the breadth of Philip’s experience in franchise law, he has been invited to be on a panel with lawyers from the USA and the UK discussing the emergence of International Franchisee  Associations.  With the current hive of activity in Australia around unfair contract term laws and the proposal to enact laws imposing liability on franchisors arising from violations of workplace laws by franchisees, there is likely to be a re-emergence of both brand-specific and wider Franchisee Associations in Australia.

Should you be attending either of these events, feel free to make contact with Philip (+61 417 438 259) or Louise (+61 408 317 751). They will be more than happy to speak with you.