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The Seven Steps for Managing IP

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by  Wendy Burnett, Special Counsel, Mason Sier Turnbull Lawyers

MST provides a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) audit for your business, ensuring you’re protected.

You’ve got to take it step by step to get your IP right. If any of the statements below apply to your business, MST’s ‘seven steps’ will identify your company’s areas of exposure or potential risk:

You’re unsure if you have current registrations for all your intellectual property rights

  • You don’t know which of your entities owns your intellectual property
  • You’re concerned about how your trademarks are being used
  • Your company has undergone a restructure recently
  • You’re unsure if you have sufficient licensing provisions in place
  • The terms of any licensing agreements are coming to an end
  • You are involved in a merger or acquisition

MST’s Seven Steps for Managing IP

MST’s intellectual property lawyers will help identify gaps in your IP portfolio. These seven steps lead to a comprehensive IP audit of your business:

  1. We find out what registered IP you own. MST can also provide advice on trademark renewals and new applications, for example, where you may have modified or changed your trademarks over time. And, if you are involved in R&D, you need appropriate patent protection.
  2. We review your business documentation. This includes marketing materials/ trade literature/websites, to identify any IP not registered in Australia or overseas.
  3. We review corporate structures, agreements, licences and other documents. This ensures they are being complied with and are up-to-date.
  4. Program tailoring. We suggest programs we could develop for you and put into action to protect and enforce your IP. These can include regular online watches for unauthorised use of your marks, and market/retail outlet watches for counterfeit products.
  5. Assistance with notices of objection. You may wish to lodge these with the Australian Customs Service to prevent importation of counterfeit products.
  6. Training audit. We identifying whether your employees might benefit from IP training programs.
  7. IP documentation. We can draft a suite of IP documents for your business.

Step Right up for IP Clarity

MST’s ‘seven steps’ can be tailored to suit your business. Click here to register your interest and one of our experienced IP lawyers will contact you on a confidential no-obligation basis to discuss how we can help.