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Scientist sues for ‘marital sacking’

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MST has negotiated¬†the settlement of a high profile marital status case. The much publicised dispute between leading scientists Drs Kathy Traianedes and Stephen Livesey¬†(MST clients) and the Australian Stem Cell Centre (ASCC) was resolved last week. The case threatened to be an important case on unlawful termination based on marital status. Drs Traianedes and Livesey are now able to continue their important research into tissue regeneration and stem cells at St Vincent’s Hospital.

After having spent 18 years in the United States, Drs Traianedes and Livesey were instrumental in the setting up of the Australian Stem Cell Centre between 2003 and 2006. Dr Traianedes spent over 5 years as a senior scientist at the ASCC and Dr Livesey served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer.

Dr Livesey was awarded the George W Hyatt Memorial Award in 2007 recognising his outstanding contribution to scientific research in transplantation medicine. He was a co-founder of LifeCell, which was recently acquired for US$1.7bn.

MST congratulates Kathy and Stephen on the resolution of the dispute and wishes them well for the continuation of their research into tissue regeneration and in particular, spinal cord repair.

Settlement was negotiated by MST Principal, Charles Cody

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