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Reminder: 14 November 2023 Deadline to Update Franchise Disclosure Register Profile

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Following the introduction of the Franchise Disclosure Register (‘Register’) last year, franchisors are reminded of their obligation to annually update their franchisor profile on or before 14 November 2023.

Please read our previous article which provides a general overview of the Register and the profile registration process.

The Register

The Register is a catalogue of franchisor profiles that is available to the public. The Register was introduced to allow prospective franchisees to consider and compare and consider various franchise systems in Australia.

All franchisors that operate in Australia must create a profile in the Register and annually update this profile, with the exception of master franchisors with only one Australian master franchisee who do not intend to grant further franchises in Australia.

Information to be updated

On or before 14 November 2014 franchisors must update their profile to ensure that the information provided remains current, including:

  • the franchisor’s business telephone number and business email addresses;
  • the number of franchised businesses in the franchise system;
  • establishment costs and ongoing payments; and
  • the standard term of franchise agreements.

Personal information relating to individuals, specific franchisees and franchised sites must be redacted.

Franchisor profiles should reflect the information contained in the franchisor’s updated disclosure document.

Final reminders

  • Franchisors that previously authorised an agent to act on their behalf in completing their profiles are reminded that the authority is only valid for 12 months and may need to be renewed.
  • Failure to confirm or update information included in the Register by the deadline carries a maximum civil penalty of 600 penalty units ($187,800 per offence).

If you have questions or require assistance in registering or updating your profile on the Franchise Disclosure Register contact a member of our Franchising Team on +613 8540 0200 or as follows:

Raynia Theodore: raynia.theodore@mst.com.au

Louise Wolf: louise.wolf@mst.com.au

Esther Gutnick: esther.gutnick@mst.com.au