Employment Law

The lawyers in our Employment Law team provides great service and sensible solutions to employment, industrial, OHS and HR advisory related matters.

The vast experience of our team, complimented by their practical and ‘hands on’ style, makes it the answer to all your workplace problems and issues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Enterprise agreement design and implementation
  • Strategic management of restructuring and redundancies
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Unfair and unlawful dismissal disputes
  • General protection disputes
  • Litigation with respect to employment and commercial issues generally
  • Industrial relations and dispute resolution
  • Design and implementation of executive contracts, senior level employment restraints and agreements to protect confidential information and intellectual property
  • Design and legislative interpretation and compliance
  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying claims
  • Employee to executive management level training
  • WorkCover advice for employers
  • Employer sponsorship migration matters

Our Workplace Solution Products is a suite of fixed price products designed specifically for SME’s, franchise systems and associations. These products include:

  • Fixed price enterprise agreements
  • Employment manual and policy training packages
  • Occupational health and safety audits
  • Deeds of confidentiality, intellectual property and post employment restraints
  • Independent contractor checklist and agreements
  • General workplace audits
  • Registered Agreement minimum wage annual updater service
  • Hotline support service solutions

 Our team is comprised of five dedicated and highly experienced lawyers, including a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist.

To find out how our Employment Law team can assist you, call us on +61 3 8540 0200 or email to workplace@mst.com.au.