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    Copyright in Building Plans

    We have observed an increase in cases of alleged infringement of the copyright in building plans. The following flow chart can be used as a risk analysis tool. Click here to view the chart and see how infringements in building plans may affect you.

    Injunctions – A useful remedy?

    “Are you dealing with someone who is doing the wrong thing? How can you stop them if they refuse to stop? Courts can make restraining orders in many different types of situations, very commonly within a very fast time frame.”

    Facebook: Facing the consequences

    Now more than ever, employees are posting private thoughts and personal information about themselves and their employers on websites such as Myspace, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. At this stage, Courts and the AIRC have not dealt with these issues, however recent examples in the media has highlighted what is a growing issue for employers.

    Estate Agents: Are You Getting Paid?

    It has been quite some time since estate agents faced the prospect of doing the work associated with a property sale and then not getting paid. We are seeing an increasing number of mortgagee sales, sales by receivers and liquidators. Attached are some tips to gain protection from these events.