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Victorian Wage Protection Legislation Commences

Further to our previous Employment Law Updates, the purpose of the Victorian Wage Protection Act is to prescribe the methods by which employers must pay their employees’ wages, as well as regulate an employer’s ability to make deductions from employees’ wages.

Supporting Australian Export Business

If your export business has internationally promoted intellectual property and know-how, goods and (most) services, inbound tourism or conferences and held events in Australia during 2008/2009 financial year, you may be able to claim expenses for specific export promotional activities.

Tips and Techniques to Prepare your Business for Sale

Selling your business presents a unique opportunity to unlock the value you have worked so hard to build. Most business owners pour blood, sweat and tears into their business and with a few simple techniques you can secure a price that reflects this effort.

Increasing Surge in Dumping Worldwide

29 Apr 2009

Australian industry is under threat from the dumping of imported products into the Australian market. Australian manufacturers should not rely on any currency buffer and should carefully monitor the price levels of imported competitive products with a view to assessing if they are being dumped into Australia.