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Estate Planning and Putting Your Personal Affairs in Order

29 Apr 2009

The tragic bushfires have touched us all. Recent events reinforce the message about estate planning and putting your personal affairs in order. None of us know what is around the corner.

Guaranteeing Your Litigation Strategy

In these tough economic times, clients are turning to litigation in order to enforce contracts and recover debts. In any litigation strategy regarding the enforcement of a debt through a letter of demand and ultimately the Courts, it is very useful to have access to further and better security with which to recover a debt against a debtor.

Go Fish! Tackle-ing IP Ownership

The recent Federal Court decision to refuse an application for interlocutory injunction again highlights the importance of clarifying intellectual property ownership and use rights. If a party does not have the rights asserted, questions will be raised on its ability to bring intellectual property infringement proceedings.

Redundancies – What Employers Need to be Aware of

In this economic climate, many businesses are looking to minimise their costs, leading to the current rise in redundancies. In response, the Federal Government last week allocated $298.5 million to help employees made redundant re-enter the workforce.