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Congratulations de factos …. You’re as Good as Married

29 Apr 2009

Recently the Family Law Act was amended so that people living in de facto relationships now have exactly the same property settlement and spousal maintenance entitlements as married couples. Heterosexual and same-sex de facto matters will be handled by the Family Court and Federal Magistrate’s Court.

Fair Work Legislation Finally Passed by Senate

After considerable debate, on Friday 20 March 2009 the Federal Government finally secured the passage of its Fair Work Bill through the Senate. This means that the majority of the Fair Work Bill will commence as scheduled from 1 July 2009.

Government Funded Maternity Leave on the Back Burner

The Federal Government is unlikely to introduce publicly funded maternity leave in this year’s Budget despite its investigation recommending 18 weeks for mothers and two weeks for fathers paid at the same level as the minimum wage.

Decoding a Name to Benefit Your Business

Many people become confused about the difference between the terms ‘trade mark’, ‘company name’, ‘business name’, ‘domain name’ and ‘phoneword’, and the various forms of protection each offers. Mistaken assumptions about each of these terms may adversely impact upon your business, and the advice you give/receive.