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Employee Share Ownership Plan Under Attack

The 2009 Federal budget contained a surprise measure which drastically alters the utility of employee share ownership plans. Effective immediately, employees will no longer be possible to defer tax until the year in which employee share ownership plan rights are exercised. The availability of tax-exempt options will change.

Domain name cybersquatting – a serious issue

In a recent report, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) provided details on a record number of complaints by trade mark holders of cybersquatting. In this article, we provide details on approaches you can take to improve your business branding strategy and resolve domain name disputes.

ATO decides ‘payments in lieu’ attract super

New Australian Taxation Office rules make significant changes to the circumstances in which employers are required to pay superannuation guarantee contributions. Payments in lieu of notice of termination are now considered “ordinary time earnings” and miscalculations to final pays could lead to breach of contract..

Workplace Urine Drug Testing Too Intrusive

Employers should be mindful that the right to drug test does not arise out of right. The circumstances of the employee’s position and the inherent requirements of that position will dictate whether or not drug testing is appropriate and indeed permissible.