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Bank Guarantee under Leases – Franchisors Beware

Westfield have recently advised a number of retail franchisors that Westfield will no longer accept bank guarantees from franchisees for new retail leases where the head lease is held by the franchisor.

Impact of Unfair Contracts Legislation to be felt in Franchising

22 Jun 2009

Proposed amendments to the Trade Practices Act may mean that commonly used clauses in franchise agreements will be void. Read on to learn how this might affect future franchise agreements.

Traps with a “Pre-Nup” if you don’t follow the rules

22 Jun 2009

A recent decision of the Federal Magistrate’s Court demonstrates the problems caused by signing a “Pre-Nup” on the eve of the wedding and highlights the requirements of full financial disclosure before the Agreement is signed.

Restaurants and Cafes to have their own Modern Award

In a surprise move, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Julia Gillard has requested the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to draft a modern award to cover restaurants and cafes that would otherwise have been bound by the modern general hospitality industry award.