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Landlords and Real Estate Agents Beware

When the issue of repairs arises, often the same question comes up: who has to fix it and who has to pay? Landlords will rely on their managing agents advice in relation to what repairs they are liable for. So, do you understand or know what the landlord’s obligations under the lease are?

Australian classic – “Iced Vo-Vo” or “Iced Dough-Vo”

“Straight from Nanna’s pantry, filled with raspberry jam and light cream, topped with strawberry icing and toasted coconut”. Sounds like an Iced Vo-Vo? Arnott’s thought so too and threatened court proceedings against Krispy Kreme for its sale of the “Iced Dough-Vo”. In the process, it appears Arnott’s has reviewed its branding and found it needed to make some adjustments.

Contesting a Will

29 Apr 2009

When a person passes away they have a right to leave their property to whomever they wish, being family or friends and for this reason they create a Will. The Will contains their final wishes and directions as to how to distribute their property. Read on to find out what’s involved in contesting a Will.

Copyright in Building Plans

We have observed an increase in cases of alleged infringement of the copyright in building plans. The following flow chart can be used as a risk analysis tool. Click here to view the chart and see how infringements in building plans may affect you.