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Non-Executive Directors Beware

These articles report on the findings of the NSW Supreme Court that 7 non-executive directors of James Hardie approved the release of public information which contained false or misleading statements concerning the funding of asbestos compensation payments, and the fallout from those findings, particularly for the former chairperson of James Hardie, Meredith Hellicar, and Peter Willcox.

Preventing Goods Being Sold Over The Internet

We often receive enquiries from businesses that want to prevent resellers and distributors from selling their products on websites such as eBay, because they believe that sale of their products at discounted rates on the internet causes damage to their brands. Is this happening to your business?

It’s getting cold – Time for a freezing order!

Imagine if, during the course of a court case, you were to discover that the other party was taking steps to move, dispose of or fully encumber their assets so that they would be out of your reach after you won your case. In urgent cases, a freezing order that freezes the other party’s assets pending a trial can be obtained within 24 hours without notice to the other party.

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council appointment

MST is pleased to announce that Jack Casonato has been elected to the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday 24th April, 2009.