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Agents Beware!! Is going to jail really worth it?

It has long been a debated topic whether or not estate agents are legally permitted to draft special conditions for a contract of sale. This is a matter that should not be taken lightly, particularly given that the maximum penalty for contravening the law is two years imprisonment.

Scientist sues for ‘marital sacking’

A biologist who took the troubled Australian Stem Cell Centre to the Federal Court, alleging she was fired because she was married to the centre’s former chief executive, has accepted an out-of-court settlement negotiated by Principal, Charles Cody

Managing Agents Beware

A recent case places managing agents on notice that Victorian courts will be mindful to impose a heavier burden on agents who complete condition reports on rented premises.

Shareholder agreements – Why Bother?

When people come together to develop a business they normally have roughly the same aspirations and goals. In the early years they work together effectively to achieve the common business goal. Unfortunately like marriage disputes shareholder disagreements are quite common.