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Preparing for the National Employment Standards

The national employment standards will take effect from 1 January 2010 and will operate as minimum standards of employment for all national system employees, including those on pre-reform certified agreements, WorkChoices AWAs and collective agreements entered into prior to the Fair Work Act commencing operation.

Preparing for the return of unfair dismissal laws

The new unfair dismissal laws took effect from 1 July 2009. They have reinstated a legal remedy for a substantial portion of the workforce who had been unable to access unfair dismissal applications from 27 March 2006.

Destruction of Evidence

Evidence is the most important aspect of any litigation. Being able to prove your case is essential and without evidence, you cannot succeed! A “search order” (which used to be known as an “Anton Piller order”), is an order that permits a search of a person or company premises and seize key supporting evidence.

Iced Dough-Vo Becomes a Pink Iced Bobby Dazzler

19 May 2009

Click here to find out what the latest outcome is in the Arnotts vs Krispy Kreme case.