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Shareholder agreements – Why Bother?

When people come together to develop a business they normally have roughly the same aspirations and goals. In the early years they work together effectively to achieve the common business goal. Unfortunately like marriage disputes shareholder disagreements are quite common.

Challenges in the Online Environment – Protecting Your Brand

Details on the (easy) steps you can take to protect your brand online.

Warning for principals, developers and owners: Financial risks in wrongfully ending a construction contract

A recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court of Victoria (Court of Appeal) considered whether a claim for the “value of work” done by a contractor, as opposed to a claim for damages pursuant to the contract, is available to a contractor who terminated a contract because of the principal’s repudiation of it.

Fair Work Act 2009 – Important Deadlines

Following the commencement of the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) on 1 July 2009, it is essential that employers are aware of several important deadlines that are set by the new laws.