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    National Employment Standards – The Ten Commandments

    The National Employment Standards are set to underpin the minimum entitlements of all national system employees from 1 January 2010. Replacing the five Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standards currently in operation, employers will need to follow the ten commandments.

    Return of the Unfair Dismissal Laws

    The Rudd Government was elected with a mandate to re-introduce a universal unfair dismissal scheme. Will there be a return to the unfair dismissal laws which preceded WorkChoices, or will we see a new system altogether?

    The Fair Work Act – What Does It All Mean?

    On 25 November 2008, the Fair Work Bill hit Parliament with a bang. It has been touted as the most significant change to have occured in workplace relations. But what does it all mean?

    New – Preparing for the New World of Enterprise Agreement Making

    The new world of enterprise agreement making commenced operation from 1 July 2009. The new agreement making regime will see a complete end to individual registered employment agreements, and the creation of new enterprise agreements.