Redundancies Revisited – Practical Do’s and Don’ts

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Redundancies Revisited – Practical Do’s and Don’ts

Businesses considering a restructure should look beyond short term savings and make sure their organisation is refocused on core business. Be ready to take your best performers with you when economic conditions improve. We look at the top ten DO’s and DON’Ts of redundancy according to international business leaders.

Pay Now and Argue Later

It goes without saying that those involved in the construction, engineering and infrastructure industries, whether commercial, industrial, energy and resources or residential, will want to maximise their rights and legal protection in order to deal with payment for works or related goods and services.

Legal issues affecting hospitality businesses

In such a fast-paced industry, it is not surprising that many hospitality businesses find their licensing and other legal arrangements have fallen out of date. Where profit margins are often quite small, it is critical that hospitality businesses do not expose themselves to avoidable legal difficulties.

Are Your Asset Protection Strategies Still Effective?

Recent changes in the law have cast doubt upon the effectiveness of common asset protection measures, such as asset gifting and discretionary trusts. Read on to find out how these changes could affect you.