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    Knowing when to settle: Re 22 Park Street Pty Ltd No 2 [2021] VSC 588

    The case of Re 22 Park Street Pty Ltd No 2 [2021] VSC 588 (Re 22 Part Street) concerns the plaintiff, Maria Lantouris who was the sole director and shareholder of 22 Park Street Pty Ltd (the Company), which is now in receivership. This case details Ms Lantouris seeking leave from the Court to compromise and settle the claims brought forward in prior proceedings against 7 defendants. Justice Connock makes valuable observations on the benefits of settling, particularly when it is in the best interest of the Company.

    The timing of litigation in a pandemic – when to jump?

    As we move into what appears to be the final stages of the pandemic, it is a useful exercise to examine the effect the pandemic has had on the Courts and Tribunals within Victoria. This article will focus on civil matters rather than criminal.

    MST Lawyers’ recognised for pro bono support of the Franchising sector: Philip Colman, Raynia Theodore and Alicia Hill

    29 Oct 2021

    The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) held its 2021 Legal Symposium on 19 October to 20 October, launched by the Federal Minister for Employment, Workplace, Small and Family Business – the Hon Stuart Robert.

    Australia’s long-awaited signing at the Singapore Convention on Mediation

    By Alicia Hill, Principal and Angela Wang, Law Clerk  On 10 September 2021, Australia, along with 54 other countries, signed the Convention on International Settlement Agreement Resulting from Mediation (‘Singapore Convention’). This has been a long-awaited step toward an improved avenue for parties to enforce and mediate settlement agreements internationally, reaping the benefits of cost…