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    Protect your business from unscrupulous staff

    Is your intellectual property protected? In a recent case, two dishonest employees utilised customer lists, sales data and pricing information to compete against their employer. Read on to find out how you can protect your intellectual property from unscrupulous staff.

    Tariff Concession Update

    29 Apr 2009

    The Australian Customs Service states that it “manages a range of programs to support local industry”. One such program is the Tariff Concession System. Find out how this may affect you if your company is importing goods into Australia.

    ‘TOP SECRET’ – Protect your confidential information

    Confidential information is one of your most valuable business assets, particularly in these challenging times. For example, client lists are proving an attractive “cherry picking” opportunity for company acquisitions. However, the Courts are flush with suits alleging misuse of confidential information. This article highlights some current examples, and gives you simple, practical, ‘TOP SECRET’ steps to protect one of your most valuable business assets.

    Will My Terms of Trade Apply

    These days many businesses have their own standard form terms and conditions. So inevitably businesses will find themselves in a battle over whose terms and conditions will apply to a business arrangement. Read on, to find out what may happen in these situations.