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    Typical Legal Issues Facing Hospitality Businesses

    Hospitality businesses are an integral part of the business community, not just providing us with our daily coffee and lunch, but contributing significantly to the economy. If you are an hospitality business owner, see how typical issues can affect the operation of you business.

    It Pays to be Cooperative with the Workplace Ombudsman

    The Commonwealth Government is reaping rewards from prosecuting small businesses for underpaid wages and entitlements. As advised in a previous newsletter, over the past 2 years, the Workplace Ombudsman has recovered more than $52 million in employee wage underpayments.

    Too Much Bond Money can be Too Much

    Many properties listed on websites require the prospective tenant to pay bond money that exceeds one month’s rent. Landlords and agents are not entitled to demand or accept a bond that is greater than one month’s rent payable.

    Your Legal Costs may be Tax Deductible

    Like most other business expenses, there are a surprising number of tax deductible legal expenses available under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) (“ITAA”) with some forms of legal costs specifically tax deductible. Are you taking advantage of these concessions?