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    Class action proceedings within the franchising context: Davaria Pty Ltd v 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd case study

    19 Nov 2021

    A class action is a legal proceeding an applicant brings on behalf of themselves and a group of people (‘group members’) with consistent claims, against the respondents.

    Feeling insecure? Navigating the security for costs process

    15 Nov 2021

    The security for costs mechanism in the court system provides for situations where a plaintiff, being the party who initiates proceedings, may have insufficient finances to meet an adverse costs order made against them in the event that their claim is unsuccessful.

    Goldus Pty Ltd (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement) v Cummins (No 4) [2021] FCA 1095

    15 Nov 2021

    The case of Goldus Pty Ltd (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement) v Cummins (No 4) [2021] FCA 1095 involved disputes regarding numerous companies interests in property and whether a security interest had been created. This article reviews the Court’s approach when determining whether a security interest was created.

    MST Congratulates Carmel Morrison – Newly Accredited Family Law Specialist

    12 Nov 2021

    We are delighted to announce that our Carmel Morrison is now an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Carmel has worked in the legal profession for over 30 years. She has a strong dedication to her family, and for many years she put her career on hold to raise and support her daughter as a single mother,…