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New Zealand Employment Law

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MST has extensive experience advising corporations on employment law matters in Australia and internationally. However, not all of our clients are aware of our proficiency in New Zealand employment law.

Our capability extends to not only advising Australian corporations that operate out of New Zealand, but also advising local corporations that operate solely in New Zealand.

MST has advised a number of clients on aspects of New Zealand employment law, including:

  • Employee warnings;
  • Personal grievance claims;
  • KiwiSaver;
  • Privacy in the workplace; and
  • Creation of individual employment agreements.

To see an overview of New Zealand employment obligations as they compare to obligations in Australia, please click here.

Employment matters in New Zealand are governed by a complex amount of legislation that can be confusing and hard to interpret. To find out how MST can assist your business in meeting its obligations under New Zealand employment law, contact the MST Workplace Relations Team on +61 3 8540 0200.