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New Congestion Levy

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By the Property & Leasing team, MST Lawyers

The Congestion Levy Act 2005 imposes an annual levy on “off street” parking spaces used for parking motor vehicles in the levy area. The levy applies to all non-exempt parking spaces in both public and private car parks.

The congestion levy area has recently been expanded to include what is now known as a “Category 2” levy area.  The Category 2 levy area is made up of several inner city suburbs surrounding the Melbourne CBD. The levy will apply to the Category 2 levy area from 1 January 2015. The existing levy area, which includes the Melbourne CBD, Docklands and St Kilda Road precinct, has now been named the “Category 1” levy area.

If you own or operate an off-street parking space within the Category 2 levy area on or after 1 January 2015, you may be liable to pay the congestion levy.

For more information on the new congestion levy area, go to the State Revenue Office website