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MST Lawyers Launches Partnership with SEMMA

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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between MST Lawyers and SEMMA, bringing an invaluable Workplace Relations Legal Enquiries Support Service to SEMMA members!

Launching on 1st July, this service will be a cornerstone of support for our community.

SEMMA, the South East Melbourne Manufacturers’ Alliance, is dedicated to promoting and supporting the manufacturing sector in the region. As a premier industry group, SEMMA provides a powerful voice for its members, driving economic growth and job creation through collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

In line with SEMMA’s mission, MST Lawyers will now offer SEMMA members a new service called SEMMA Law Assist that offers SEMMA’s nominated employees, directors, board members, and all General Members direct access to a qualified and practising workplace lawyer for expert legal advice in the field of workplace law.

This comprehensive support will include assistance with recruitment, record keeping, modern award compliance, enterprise agreements, common law contracts, minimum wages, traineeships, national employment standards, public holidays, employer policies, workplace safety, and much more.

Additionally, the service will also cover critical areas such as termination of employment, performance management, employee misconduct, redundancy, disputes, unfair dismissal claims, general protections claims, FWO complaints or proceedings, and transfer of business.

For enquiries, members can email lawassist@semma.com.au or call the hotline at 1800ASKLAW or 1800275529.

With this new member service, SEMMA members can stay compliant and safeguard their businesses, knowing they have MST Lawyers’ expertise at their fingertips.

For more information about this partnership, please reach out to Chao Ni  or Jennifer Sung.

Together, we are committed to supporting the manufacturing industry in South East Melbourne with top-notch legal support.

The MST Team


MST Lawyers Launches Partnership with SEMMA