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MST -Giving Back to the Community

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MST Lawyers is proud to announce its on-going sponsorship of the Adopt –a – Room program with Ronald McDonald House (RMH) along with our support and sponsorship for the Cambodia Rural Students Trust (CRST).  Both are very worthy causes and we are thrilled to be able to continue our long standing association with both.

Over a six month period last year, Ronald McDonald House in Monash alone, hosted over 238 families whose average length of stay was 7 nights and included one family that flew 1,792km from Queensland in order to get specialised Cardiac treatment for their child. This particular family spent a total of 45 nights at Ronald McDonald House and is only one example of many families that have had the need to stay at RMH during very difficult periods in their lives. The work that the staff do at RMH can only be described as extraordinary.

MST staff are also thrilled to be involved in the Make A meal program with RMH which involves teams of staff volunteering their time to prepare meals for the families that stay at RMH. Our staff get great satisfaction from doing this and then also have time to sit with the families who actually stay at RMH. It is truly rewarding.

Our other charity, the Cambodian Rural Student Trust may not be as well known, but they too, do extraordinary work and have programs in place that are there to help break the poverty cycle in Cambodia through education. Donations to the trust are used for education, mentoring and community projects ranging from sponsoring children’s education for the entire year through to building housing in rural communities for the under privileged. The program is not only designed to educate students but also to empower them to become leaders within their own community. To read more about what the trust does you can click onto the following link.



MST is absolutely delighted to be involved with, sponsor and support both these extremely worthy causes.