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$122 million … and counting!

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If your business has developed ideas, systems, processes or technologies that have wide application across industry, appropriate intellectual property protection, enforcement and licensing strategies can help you reap financial rewards.  MST is able to assist you to maximise your returns by providing advice on protection, enforcement and licensing strategies.

Case study

In 1992, CSIRO invented wireless local area network (WLAN) technology.  CSIRO sought patent protection for its invention, and in 1996 was successful in obtaining US and EU patents.  This key WLAN technology went on to become incorporated in wireless products – including laptops, games consoles and smartphones – made by organisations such as Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu and Nintendo.  The problem for CSIRO was that these companies had not entered into a licence agreement with CSIRO to use the WLAN technology in the range of products.

In 2002, CSIRO sought to enter into a ‘voluntary licensing program’ with companies using the WLAN technology.  When this approach was not successful, CSIRO commenced a ‘test case’ patent infringement action in the United States (where most of the infringing products were sold).  This initial patent litigation was positive for CSIRO and they have now entered into formal licensing agreements for the WLAN technology – leading to a $122 million surplus for the 2008-09 financial year.  Such an outstanding result was largely due to the steps CSIRO took to protect, enforce and licence its intellectual property rights in WLAN technology.

On a local and international level, MST is able to assist you to realise the value of your intellectual property rights.  Contact our Intellectual Property team for further information.

Author:  Noelene Treloar