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“Getting the Deal Through” – MST covers licensing issues in Australia

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Licensing in its different forms has become a common vehicle used in commercial transactions. Licensing agreements include ‘technology-transfer’ agreements, software licensing and trade mark and copyright licensing. The common theme amongst such agreements is the inclusion of a right to use some form of proprietary intangible property.

Other types of legal relationships can also contain licensing components. For example distribution and supply agreements, franchise agreements and joint ventures can all contain licensing aspects to varying degrees. Hence the scope of the issues and concerns raised in relation to licensing extends beyond just the licensing of technology and other intellectual property as many people would expect.

Recently, MST Lawyers once again contributed the Australian section of the international publication “Getting the Deal Through – Licensing 2010”. The publication as a whole is designed as a ready-reference summary of licensing issues for those who are currently or planning to license technology and services in the various countries covered.

If you have any queries regarding licensing, or whether these issues are relevant to your circumstances, please contact the authors John Sier, Marianne Dunham or Darren Sommers.

Author: Richard Lim