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Fair Work success for franchisees

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Mason Sier Turnbull was successful in having Fair Work Australia approve a single interest enterprise agreement for a national franchise client involving many of its franchisees.

An enterprise agreement in itself is not unusual.  Where this agreement is different is that it entitles multiple businesses within a franchise system to implement one agreement under the provisions of the new Fair Work Act 2009, rather than one per franchise business.

One of the main advantages for franchisees is that the cost savings are substantial.  By entering into a single enterprise agreement , rather than each business having to implement its own separate enterprise agreement, the costs are shared across the franchisees.  In addition, a single enterprise agreement ensures consistency of employment terms across the franchise system.

Contact one of our Workplace Relations lawyers if you want to discuss how an enterprise agreeement can be implemented into your business.

Author:  Herbert Fischbacher

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