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Education Used To Beat Poverty In Cambodia

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In 2011, the Cambodia Rural School Trust, a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered in Cambodia, was established by the Palti family.  More recently, the Cambodian Rural Students Foundation Ltd (CRSF) was established in Australia to assist in funding and to operate the NGO.

MST Lawyers had the pleasure of hosting Aviv Palti, Managing Director of CRSF and two visiting students who have benefited from the NGO which assists some of the poorest people in Cambodia. Staff had the opportunity of listening to Mr Palti talk about the NGO and CSRF and how they are helping to break the cycle of poverty in rural Cambodia.  The focus of the NGO and CSRF is to provide scholarships to school-aged children to complete their education and go on to university.

Those fortunate enough to be part of the programme commit to giving back to their communities and the NGO. The students enhance their skills by being involved with the running the NGO and managing the NGO’s frozen yoghurt store, opened to teach university students how to operate a business.   The students also volunteer their time in a variety of community service based projects including the building and reparation of family homes.

MST Lawyers’ Principal, Herbert Fischbacher, sits on the board of CRSF and provides his services free of charge to aid in the growth of the Foundation.  Since its inception in 2011, the NGO has continued to grow its intake of students and now supports more than 75 school-aged children who benefit from its funding. Mr Palti is working to see this number increase to 100. 

In line with this, MST Lawyers has committed to sponsor the NGO through a number of student sponsorships.  The firm strongly believes in the philosophy that the Palti family employ and are proud to be a part of their ongoing efforts to improve the lives of those living in poverty.  Together with student sponsorship, MST Lawyers’ principals are looking to develop a scheme to give a nominated staff member, the opportunity to spend a week in Cambodia to understand and witness, first hand, the foundation’s education, mentoring and community programs.

For more information about CRSF or to donate to the fund, click here