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Could using the right shampoo save your marriage?

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If this tear-jerking advertisement from the Chinese arm of Procter & Gamble promoting their Rejoice shampoo and its magical powers of relationship reconciliation) can be believed then soft, silky hair might be the answer to marriage breakdowns the world over. Having had over 40 million views, the ideas put forward in the advertisement may have some traction.

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For the older fashioned of us, however, or perhaps the more cynical, the tried and true approach of counselling and professional assistance may be preferable to a reliance on fragrant toiletries and wistful nostalgia to fix an ailing marriage.

Those seeking assistance with a marriage or relationship that is in trouble, or in adjusting to the trials and tribulations of parenting as part of a separated couple, should consider the services provided by Relationships Australia, a community-based non-profit organisation offering various relationship counselling services and education about relationships and parenting.

Relationships Australia can also provide Family Dispute Resolution to separated couples. Family Dispute Resolution is a process created by the Family Law Act 1975 to assist parents to mediate parenting arrangements with the assistance of a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner prior to going down the route of seeking the assistance of the Family Law Courts.

Should you require assistance following a separation please contact our Family Law Team by email family@mst.com.au or by telephone +61 8540 0200.