MST Lawyers would like to share some of our client testimonials with you.

Bakers Delight

Our partnership with MST has endured over the years because the service Bakers Delight receives is reliable, cost effective and delivered in plain English.

Workforce Extensions

“As a national franchised labour hire business we have constant need for legal advice in commercial, employment and franchising law. We consider the relationship we have with our lawyers to be one of our most important commercial ‘partnerships’; indeed for us having the right legal support is critical.

MST has the expertise we need to deal with the difficult issues that our business faces from time to time. We know we can count on them to provide everything from an answer right now to a question that we have today, through to dealing with a major legal battle that may arise.

Having had some dealings with MST beforehand, when we took over the Workforce business in 2003 MST were our choice of legal support partner. I can honestly say that in all the years since we have never had cause to reconsider that decision.

Over a 40 year business career I have dealt with many of the largest legal firms in the country and at times right through to small suburban solicitors. If you have outgrown your current solicitor or if you want a viable and practical alternative to one of the big firms, I recommend you call MST.”

Michael McTiernan, CEO Workforce Extensions,

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