Protecting your children’s inheritance from the reach of the Family Court

Protecting your children’s inheritance The Family Court of Australia’s recent decision in Bernard v Bernard [2019] FamCA 421 demonstrates the benefit of obtaining tailored estate planning advice in order to protect your children’s inheritance.  The case involved proceedings for a property settlement between a husband and wife following their separation.  The wife claimed that the…

MST Family Lawyers Recognised As 2019 Doyles’ Leading Family Lawyers

MST Lawyers congratulates family law Principal, Belinda Spong and Special Counsel, Amanda Humphreys following their recognition by the 2019 Doyles’ Guide as leading Victorian Family Lawyers.

Family Trusts: Where Detail Is Paramount

Disputes over trust assets can tear families apart. A recent case in the Supreme Court of Victoria has put the spotlight on many of the issues associated with establishing and maintaining Family Trusts and the importance of obtaining appropriate estate planning advice.