Estate disputes and step-children

30 Apr 2010

With the complexity of modern blended families, problems can arise when a step-parent does not consider his or her obligation to provide for step children. What responsibility does the step-parent have to his or her step-children?

Will challenge by neighbour succeeds

25 Feb 2010

A neighbour was awarded $200,000 out of an estate valued at $1.7 million in the recent Supreme Court case of Unger v Sanchez.

It’s time to make that Will

1 Dec 2009

Now is the time to make your Will. Every adult should have a Will. Having worked hard to accumulate your assets, you owe it to yourself to take the time to ensure that after your death your hard earned assets go where you intend, in the smoothest and most tax effective way possible.

Deceased estates and inheritance disputes

4 Sep 2009

A good example of the motto “Get the right advice or pay the price!” is the case of Menzies v Marriott decided by the Supreme Court on 19 August 2009.