Another Reminder of the Perils of Estate Litigation

18 Apr 2012

In the Supreme Court case of Youn v Frank (16 December 2011) the deceased died at the age of 73 without a Will. The Associate Judge remarked that “this deterioration in the value of the estate over a period of a mere 8 months stands as a stark reminder of the perils of litigation”.

‘Tis the Season to Update Your Will

7 Dec 2011

A Will allows you to appoint a suitable executor to administer your estate. A Will also allows you to distribute your assets the way you wish, rather than relying on a predetermined legal formula not tailored to suit those you intend to benefit.

Daughters challenge carer over dad’s will

1 Sep 2011

In the recent Supreme Court case of Hyatt v Anor v Cavalea, the deceased left his entire estate to his friend/carer. He made no provision for his two adult daughters and they challenged his Will.

A will + a lottery win + a death in Queensland = Estate dispute

21 Jul 2011

A recent court case in Queensland shows you shouldn’t take chances with how your estate will be allocated.