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When it is too late to make a Will

The recent Victorian Supreme Court case of Re Jones [2021] VSC 273 illustrates the costly ramifications of leaving it too late to make a Will. 

Updating your Will to prevent legal Problems

The recent Victorian Supreme Court case of Re Finnie; Petrovska v Morrison [2021] VSC 153 serves as an important reminder of the costly implications of significantly delaying the review of your Will when major changes have occurred in your life such as entering a long-term relationship.     

The Costly Pursuit of the Meaning of the Terms of a Will

11 Dec 2020

The recent case of Greenham v Greenham [2020] VSC 749 involved the estate of the late Ethel Elizabeth Greenham who died in 2017 survived by her adult children Alan and Jennifer. The estate included a 310-acre property at Pental Island on the Murray River which was used to operate a farm and caravan park business and included three valuable water shares, the ownership of which came into dispute.

A parent’s continuing obligation to financially support their adult child: when does it end? 

By Natalie Lewis, Solicitor, and Paul Watkins, Principal The recent family provision case of Joss v Joss [2020] VSC 424 illustrates that, in certain circumstances, a parent’s sustained financial support of an adult child may found an order for further provision under Part IV of the Administration and Probate Act 1958 (Vic) (‘the Act’) even…