The Costly Pursuit of the Meaning of the Terms of a Will

11 Dec 2020

The recent case of Greenham v Greenham [2020] VSC 749 involved the estate of the late Ethel Elizabeth Greenham who died in 2017 survived by her adult children Alan and Jennifer. The estate included a 310-acre property at Pental Island on the Murray River which was used to operate a farm and caravan park business and included three valuable water shares, the ownership of which came into dispute.

A parent’s continuing obligation to financially support their adult child: when does it end? 

By Natalie Lewis, Solicitor, and Paul Watkins, Principal The recent family provision case of Joss v Joss [2020] VSC 424 illustrates that, in certain circumstances, a parent’s sustained financial support of an adult child may found an order for further provision under Part IV of the Administration and Probate Act 1958 (Vic) (‘the Act’) even…

The importance of reviewing your Will to identify who may be eligible to make a claim against your estate

By Natalie Lewis, Solicitor, and Paul Watkins, Principal In Victoria applications for further provision from a deceased estate are governed by the Administration and Probate Act 1958 (Vic) (‘the Act’). Persons eligible to make an application include: The deceased’s spouse or de facto partner; A child of the deceased including a step-child, adopted child and…

The Importance of Estate Planning

By Andrea Olsson, Senior Associate Estate Planning is increasingly important as the financial affairs of individuals are growing in complexity. Will makers are more likely to own assets across various entities such as companies and self managed superfunds. They or their beneficiaries are frequently living overseas for extended periods of time. Will makers with blended…