Owners corporation strife: Unauthorised renovations supplanted by the Tribunal

Owners corporation strife: Unauthorised renovations supplanted by the Tribunal By Maxim Oppy, Law Clerk and Alicia Hill, Principal, MST Lawyers   The recent Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) decision of Owners Corporation SP22776 v Lunn (Owners Corporations [2019] VCAT 2057 serves as a cautionary example of the costs involved in making unauthorised alterations to…

2018-19 CAV Annual Report Good News For Estate Agents

Working for real estate agents, it is easy, and some might say very common to become accustomed to looking at the issues facing the industry through the eyes of agents. A good lawyer goes out of their way to understand the fundamental principles and issues facing the industry at any given time so they can provide the best possible advice.

Victoria Airs Laws To Chase “Dodgy Builders” For Cladding Issues

Victoria has announced new laws allowing the state government to chase builders for the cost of cladding rectification, prompting the main industry body, the Victorian Building Authority, to fume that it is being singled out for a problem caused by many players, including the government.

VCAT Clarification in Victoria’s Shifting Landscape Of Retail And Commercial Leasing

Landlords and tenants across Victoria should take note of VCAT’s important decision handed down in July 2019 matter of Phillips v Abel [2019] VCAT 1031. This decision is an important landmark in the shifting landscape of retail and commercial leasing in Victoria.