The Seven Steps for Managing IP

You’ve got to take it step by step to get your IP right. If any of the following statements apply to your business, MST’s ‘seven steps’ will identify your company’s areas of exposure or potential risk.

New IP Laws Make Patent Changes

If you’re considering developing a patent – or if you have one in the pipeline – you need to be aware of recent intellectual property law changes that affect patents. We outline them here and provide a strategy for integrating them into your business.

National Business Names Register Commenced 28 May 2012

The ASIC National Business Names Register commenced operation on 28 May 2012. The main difference in the new system is that you will only need to register a business name once for national effect.

Case Report: ISP Did Not Authorise Copyright Infringement, This Time…

In August 2007, 34 Hollywood and Australian film and TV studios through the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft began investigating copyright infringement by internet users in Australia.