SEMINAR INVITATION – Making Unfair Contracts Fair

From 12 November 2016, changes to the law will protect small business from unfair contract terms in standard form contracts.

Raising the Bar Act – Significant Changes to Trade Marks Oppositions in Australia

Some very important changes to the way trade mark oppositions operate in Australia came into effect on 15 April 2013. These changes affect all trade mark oppositions that are lodged after this date and also many oppositions that have already been lodged.

What’s in a Name? Everything if it’s Winnebago

A recent Federal Court decision drives home the need to steer clear of branding associated with well-known overseas products.

The Seven Steps for Managing IP

You’ve got to take it step by step to get your IP right. If any of the following statements apply to your business, MST’s ‘seven steps’ will identify your company’s areas of exposure or potential risk.