Protecting your Brand After Sale

We often receive enquiries from businesses that want to prevent resellers and distributors from selling their products on websites such as Ebay, because they believe that the sale of their products at discounted rates on the internet causes damage to their brands. It is important for businesses to understand that taking action against rogue resellers and distributors in such circumstances may amount to “exclusive dealing” under the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth).

Australian classic – “Iced Vo-Vo” or “Iced Dough-Vo”

“Straight from Nanna’s pantry, filled with raspberry jam and light cream, topped with strawberry icing and toasted coconut”. Sounds like an Iced Vo-Vo? Arnott’s thought so too and threatened court proceedings against Krispy Kreme for its sale of the “Iced Dough-Vo”. In the process, it appears Arnott’s has reviewed its branding and found it needed to make some adjustments.

Copyright in Building Plans

We have observed an increase in cases of alleged infringement of the copyright in building plans. The following flow chart can be used as a risk analysis tool. Click here to view the chart and see how infringements in building plans may affect you.

‘TOP SECRET’ – Protect your confidential information

Confidential information is one of your most valuable business assets, particularly in these challenging times. For example, client lists are proving an attractive “cherry picking” opportunity for company acquisitions. However, the Courts are flush with suits alleging misuse of confidential information. This article highlights some current examples, and gives you simple, practical, ‘TOP SECRET’ steps to protect one of your most valuable business assets.