Roadside posts – protecting innovation for SMEs

The Commonwealth Government introduced the Innovation Patent into Australian law in 2001 with the intention of making intellectual property protection less expensive and more accessible to SMEs. A recent court decision provides SMEs with a clearer road map on the enforceability of Innovation Patents.

Challenges in the Online Environment – Protecting Your Brand

Details on the (easy) steps you can take to protect your brand online.

Injunction Granted to Prevent Sale of Generic Pharmaceutical Drug

Wyeth was recently granted an interlocutory injunction preventing Sigma from exploiting its generic anti-depressant product Evelexa-XR® in competition to Wyeth’s successful Efexor-XR®. The decision provides an insight into the factors considered by a court when assessing an application for an interlocutory injunction concerning patent rights in the pharmaceutical industry.

Domain name cybersquatting – a serious issue

In a recent report, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) provided details on a record number of complaints by trade mark holders of cybersquatting. In this article, we provide details on approaches you can take to improve your business branding strategy and resolve domain name disputes.