High Court confirms that liquidators of a landlord company can extinguish a lease

In the recent case of Willmott Growers Group Inc v Willmott Forests Limited, the High Court upheld the decision of the Victorian Court of Appeal which held that liquidators of a landlord company can use the disclaimer power in the Corporations Act 2001 to extinguish leases granted by that company. So what does this mean for tenants and does this have any effect on mortgagees of a landlord company?

Tips and Traps for Property Developers

Property development can by a tricky business if you don’t do your homework from the outset.

Mason Sier Turnbull – major IT network upgrade

23 Dec 2011

Mason Sier Turnbull is undertaking a major IT network upgrade between 24th December 2011 – 11th January 2012.

If you email any Mason Sier Turnbull staff between those dates and do not receive a response within a reasonable timeframe, please call our office on 03 8540 0200.

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Season’s Greetings

8 Dec 2011

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season