The registration, enforcement and variation of overseas maintenance and child support obligations is complex and requires specialist legal advice as illustrated in two Australian Family Law Court judgments of 2016. MST Lawyers has expertise in international family law matters and regularly provides assistance to clients and other lawyers, in Australia and overseas.

Stopping competitor misconduct

Competitors seeking to adversely impact on a franchise system’s performance or improve their own may attempt to interfere with the relationship between franchisees and their franchisor.

This case involves the interference with a franchise system by a competing franchisor and the relief provided to the affected party.

Policing trade mark protection

Trade marks are an integral part of the identification of a franchise brand from its competitors. What happens when trade marks are acquired as part of the purchase of a business? If challenged, can these trade marks be protected from use by others? This case examines competing claims on a registered trade mark and the protections available.

Estate Agents Look Out! Be sure to understand new pricing law

New legislation to stamp out underquoting in the real estate industry has been passed. Failing to comply could result in a fine of more than $30,000 as well as potentially forgoing sales commission and other fees resulting from the sale. Ensure you are in compliance with the revised Estates Agents Act.