Recent Cases Of Interest In The Area Of Family Law

24 Oct 2018

In this section we look at two cases: one involving the determination of which parent has the final say where responsibility for the child’s care and well being is shared, while the other looks at circumstances in which final property orders might be varied years after being made in court.

ALRC Discussion Paper – Review Of The Family Law System

24 Oct 2018

The Australian Law Reform Commission released its discussion paper, Review of the Family Law System, on 2 October 2018. The Review covers a wide range of topics with feedback encouraged to provide a better outcome for those who find themselves embroiled in the system.

Travelling With Your Children Over The Australian Summer School Holidays

24 Oct 2018

Are you considering travelling overseas with your family over the Australian summer school holidays? If there are parenting orders in place or court proceedings pending, we recommend you seek legal advice before travelling with your children, to ensure enjoyable and incident-free travel for your family.

Do You Need Time Away To Manage Family And Domestic Violence Issues?

Effective 1 August 2018, the Australian Fair Work Commission added five days of unpaid leave to all employees, including casual awards, to deal with family and domestic violence.