Children allowed to choose their religion in a marital breakup

15 Jul 2010

The Melbourne Magistrates’ Court has handed down its decision on a father’s application to prevent his children from participating in religious ceremonies in the early stages of their lives.

Divorce in Australia

13 Jul 2010

With marriage rates declining and divorce rates on the rise, the facts and issues surrounding divorce in Australia are continually questioned. This article aims to address some of the frequently asked questions surrounding the subject of divorce.

To have and to hold – hold onto your assets

30 Apr 2010

Most people enter a relationship hoping for the happy ever after. However, statistics prove unfortunately this is not always the outcome. Anyone who is entering into a new relationship, is currently in a relationship or whose relationship has broken down would be wise to enter into a financial agreement. Financial agreements assist couples with determining how they will split their assets upon the breakdown of their relationship.

Surrogacy in Victoria

30 Oct 2009

New laws regulating IVF and surrogacy will commence in January 2010. These reforms will give more Victorians the opportunity to have children.