Destruction of Evidence

Evidence is the most important aspect of any litigation. Being able to prove your case is essential and without evidence, you cannot succeed! A “search order” (which used to be known as an “Anton Piller order”), is an order that permits a search of a person or company premises and seize key supporting evidence.

It’s getting cold – Time for a freezing order!

Imagine if, during the course of a court case, you were to discover that the other party was taking steps to move, dispose of or fully encumber their assets so that they would be out of your reach after you won your case. In urgent cases, a freezing order that freezes the other party’s assets pending a trial can be obtained within 24 hours without notice to the other party.

Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council appointment

MST is pleased to announce that Jack Casonato has been elected to the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday 24th April, 2009.

Injunctions – A useful remedy?

“Are you dealing with someone who is doing the wrong thing? How can you stop them if they refuse to stop? Courts can make restraining orders in many different types of situations, very commonly within a very fast time frame.”