Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Preliminary Discovery: What to do when you don’t have enough information to sue

Often clients find themselves in a position where they know that they have been wronged but don’t have sufficient documents or information to issue proceedings against a party they believe they are entitled to sue.

Responding to statutory demands – 21 days and that’s it says the High Court

The High Court has found that a debtor company only has 21 days to pay a debt once served with a statutory demand. No extensions will be granted.

What to do if you get served with legal proceedings?

Regrettably from time to time businesses and individuals get sued. Usually the first notice of this arises when legal proceedings are served. Even if you do not dispute the claim, you should seek legal advice, because it may be necessary to still negotiate with the plaintiff. The important thing is that you do not put the documents in the “too hard basket”. You must act immediately.

What do I do if I receive a Subpoena?

Receiving a Subpoena can be a nuisance, but because it is effectively a Court Order, its receipt should never be taken lightly.