Five Things to Consider when Contemplating Separation

30 Nov 2020

Following the breakdown of your relationship, whether marital, de facto or same sex, can be a very distressing and highly emotional time. You may find yourself having to contemplate issues relating to children, finances and property caused by the change in your circumstances. It is important to develop an action plan.

Sick Leave for Casual Employees

On 23 November 2020, the Victorian Government announced that $5 million would be allocated in its 2020/21 budget towards the Secure Work Pilot Scheme. It is proposed that casual workers in sectors with high rates of casualisation, such as cleaners, hospitality, security, supermarket and aged care, will be entitled to take up to 5 days of paid sick and carer’s leave each year, paid at the national minimum wage.

Important Junior Rate Changes to the Retail Award

By Renee Karakinos, Lawyer The Fair Work Commission Full Bench has formed a provisional view to vary clause 17.2 of the General Retail Industry Award 2020 (Retail Award) to limit the application of junior rates. There are currently 8 classifications under the Retail Award and each classification is subject to junior percentages. Moving forward, if…

A Warning to Company Directors: Discharge from Personal Bankruptcy will not Necessarily Absolve Liabilities for Insolvent Trading

In the recent case of Taylor (liquidator) v Trustee, bankrupt estate of Heading, in the matter of Heading [2020] FCA 1450, the Federal Court considered the circumstances in which leave will be granted for an insolvent trading action against a company director who has previously been released from debts provable in bankruptcy.