MST Lawyers Federal Election Seminar

This morning, the MST Lawyers Employment Law team ran a seminar to discuss the workplace relations policies released by both the ALP and LNP ahead of the Federal Election.  We had a great turn out even though we had an early start time and the weather was not particularly pleasant.  Herb Fischbacher (Principal), James Sanders (Associate) and Renee Karakinos (Lawyer) presented on this issue.  We hope that all of those who joined us were able to take with them valuable learnings that can be employed within their businesses.

Continued Professional Development Key to MST Lawyers’ Success

18 Apr 2019

For lawyers and legal professionals CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an important part of working in the legal industry. Developing skills, and keeping our knowledge relevant and up-to-date, is vital for our clients and career progression. This means making a commitment to continual learning and development within the field.

Debt or Damages? An Important Distinction in Debt Recovery Claims

In the recent decision of Yang v Finder Earth Pty Ltd [2019] VSCA 22, the Court of Appeal set aside a default judgment for recovery of an unpaid debt because the claim as pleaded was better characterised as a claim for the recovery of damages and not as a claim for the recovery of a debt.

The decision serves a timely reminder to ensure that, in debt recovery claims, the relief sought in the pleadings is expressed as a fixed sum owing and not as the recovery of damages suffered by reason of non-payment.

MST Lawyers Goes Outback For Ronald McDonald Housse Charities

MST Lawyers Principals, Alicia Hill and Belinda Spong have signed up to complete the Ronald McDonald House Outback Challenge – The Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory. The Larapinta trail stretches 223 kilometres along the West MacDonnell Ranges.  The goal is to raise funds to go Ronald McDonald House and walk over 60 kilometres of the trail.