Avoiding Disputes With Your Business Partner

All too often in our business, we come across cases of shareholder conflict. It is particularly the case where two friends or associates build a business together as equal shareholders in a company and later find themselves in a conflict situation. For the sake of all stakeholders, it is critical to into a shareholders’ agreement that deals with situations that could result in conflicts.

Employee V Contractor – The Debate Rages On!

Furthering the confusion of whether a worker is a Contractor or an Employee, the Fair Work Commission has recently determined that a Foodora delivery rider, who delegated his responsibilities to other delivery riders, was an Employee for the purpose of making an unfair dismissal claim.

This decision comes on the back of the Fair Work Commission’s previous determination that an Uber driver was a Contractor, and was therefore not entitled to make an unfair dismissal claim.

New Child Abduction Offences In Australia

20 Nov 2018

International parental abduction of children from Australia will now attract a penalty of three years of imprisonment following recent amendments to the Australian Family Law Act.

Portable Long Service Leave

The Victorian Government has continued its review of employee Long Service Leave entitlements, with the passing of the Long Service Benefits Portability Act 2018. This new legislation will extend portable long service leave to employees working in the contract cleaning, community service and security industries.